ASC employs many solutions that will help you protect your most valuable assets. We can assist you with Diseaster Recovery Planning, Backup strategy and general infrastructure planning.

We provide data migration services, data recovery services as well as data protection services jut to name a few.

Data Recovery & Computer Maintenance:
We can assist with that as well. From installing new hardware component to transferring your data to a new computer or hard drive, ASC can assist and customize a solution for your needs. Our certified NSI Vision DoubleTake High Availability Experts (CDE) can create a customized solution that statisfies all your needs.

Our state of the art remote support tools enable us to support you or your clients no matter where they are.

Web hosting & Email services:
We can host your website or create a custom web application. Need assistance setting up your email or Blackberry Infrastructure or simply have issues with your blackberries, we can assist with that as well.

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